Our kennel
Shadow White de Pepa

I welcome you on the pages of white schnauzer breeding stations,
how we call our white mouses.

The first mouse we got when we tragically killed our first schnauzer pepper and salt. It was too sad at home so we found an ad and got a white schnauzer Domino Rosa White (* 11.5.1998) - (3.4.2010). We went to Prostejov for Mrs. Zemlicka for him. I immediately dropped his spell. The character of this mouse was really flawless. He loves people, his acting often entertains the whole society and puts it into play.

Because we decided that he was getting better in two, we got a new friend from Dominic. We went to her for Mrs. Snížková to Prague -

Josefina of Bianca Olgas (* 6.8.2005) - (31.1.2016)

Pepinka chooses us practically alone. She jumped in the cage as long as we did not resist. Again, a white schnauzer character appeared. Good, dear, very teachable to "bloody" just a mouse. And so they were two.

Over time, I have recognized that this breed has taken on me so much that I have decided to bring new blood to the Czech Republic. It was a long summer, full of contact. Finally, I decided for a mouse from Belarus-Armani Genstat (* 2.6.2008).

Armani surpassed my expectations. It's just amazing. I will be glad to integrate into the breed and will be beneficial for the development of the audience in the Czech Republic.

On (6 November 2008), our puppies were born - we did not resist and left one female. From this day on

Ala Matylda Shadow White de Pepa assigned to our pack :-) It's magical and sweet - not just my mom :-)

In summer 2011 I contacted a breeder from Spain and in October 2011 Blaylock Is Magic (Fanynka) arrived from Barcelona (24.7.2011). This little girl is a real element, it is native to a lion and it does not really deny it.

For Fanynka not to be alone, I got to Rasthars, he was born in Latvia and named Hugo Boss Boltres (3.1.2012), and arrived in the Republic on March 12, 2012. This dog is a mouse as it is supposed to be, it is endowed with amazing coarse hair and its nature is very mild ... baby mine.

In the summer of 2013 I brought a revival from Wrocław, Poland, to our pack in the form of a devil - Berenica Grand Hajan Polonia (July 14, 2013). Our ladybird is a little madman, but who did not love her for her girlfriends?

In summer 2016 a tiny little girl Olinka (I Am Olivia Larigosh - April 22, 2016) appeared to us, is the little bit of the little dick: D

White schnauzers are just amazing. Few who resist them.