News 2020:

 July 2, 2020 we went to examine hereditary eye defects at Berenica Hajan Polonia, Osman Shadow White de Pepa, PrimaStella Shadow White de Pepa - all with a NEGATIVE result

June 6, 2020 the evaluation took place in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, Osmany Shadow White de Pepa and PrimaStella Shadow White de Pepa

5.4.2020 puppies of litter T were born. - Father: C.I.B. Hugo Boss Boltres X Dam: Multi JCh. I'm Olivia

17.1.2020 puppies of litter S were born. - Father: Delegate Shadow White de Pepa X Mother: Multi Ch. Blaylock Is Magic

7.1.2020 puppies of litter R were born. - Father: Dante Diesl Dorothea ze Solné X Mother: Multi Ch. Berenica Hajan Poland

1.2.2020 DUOCACIB Brno Nike Shadow White de Pepa -Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB - Judge Boguslaw Chmiel (PL) 24,1-26,1,2020 Nitradog PrimaVera Shadow White de Pepa 😘 - Intermedia class 25. 1.2020 Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS - judge: Jandová Jirina,

CZ 26. 1. 2020 without VAT. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS - judge: Vondrouš Otakar, CZ ! this shop with breeding requirements available!